Week 01: GSoC 2022 with OpenMRS

Coding Period Week 01

Pasindu Rupasinghe
2 min readJun 23, 2022


Gsoc:2022 with OpenMRS

Hello Everyone.

In GSOC:2022 we are having twelve weeks of the coding period after we finish up the community bonding period. You can read my experience on the past community bonding period from here. In this blog, I’ll be sharing the experience of my first week in Gsoc:2022.

In the first week of the coding period, my target is to finish setting up the local instance test environment for 3.X E2E testing. In OpenMRS 3.X we are using dockerized local environment to set up the local instances. To up the docker container, I used this image. But there were some struggle points that occurred with the incompatibility issues that become with the Apple M1 chip architecture and with the OpenMRS docker instances. So I had to go through former documentations and threads to find a solution for the issue.

To answer the problem I was able to find some previous thread discussions come up by the past members of the 3.X E2E team which are related to this problem.

According to the findings of this thread, we should package and build this 3.X branch in our M1 machines. After that, we can run the app by docker-compose up command. For some reason, the build can fail while packaging in our machines. To fix that we can try deleting the existing containers and building again.

Next week I will come up with some pull requests that change the cloud instance to a local instance and also README guidelines to set up this local environment for 3.X E2E testing. And the first test in 3.X E2E test which is the login test will be fixed with this implementation.

Thank you! See you in Week:2 Blog. :)



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