It begins! Community bonding - Gsoc 2022

After several years of working with open source projects, one of my dreams has become a reality which is participating in the ‘Google summer of code’ this year. I can remember how I was excited when I heard the news of getting selected for my Gsoc proposal for the project Improving 3.X E2E Tests for OpenMRS.

For this summer, we will be having several phases to complete in this project. The period of time between when accepted GSoC contributors are notified and the time we were expected to start coding. This is a great chance to introduce GSoC contributors to the community, get to know the teams, and talk about how we’ll collaborate with our mentors and define project milestones and details.

My first step was to contact my primary mentor and the backup mentor who is in charge of the project on behalf of OpenMRS. So I contacted them through the Slack channel and we agreed to go on for a weekly based meeting. My first task was to create a milestone document for the project. So we divide the project into sub-steps and chose the delivery dates for each sub-tasks.

The next move was to notify the project’s relevant team, which in OpenMRS is the Quality Assurance (QA) team. So the team was really happy that I’m on board with the team to work this summer. They appreciate my interest in this project and also they gave me some advice to work on the project. Also, there were some suggestions from them to attach some new technologies to the QA framework.

This is how the summer’s community bonding time unfolded. Let’s see what happens with this initiative in the future. I’ll come back with another blog post regarding how the implementation will go.



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Pasindu Rupasinghe

Pasindu Rupasinghe

Undergraduate at University of Colombo School of Computing.