Week 12: GSoC 2022 with OpenMRS

Gsoc:2022 with OpenMRS

It is the final week of the coding period in Gsoc 2022. So we have to wrap up things and submit the final reports for the evaluations. So in the previous week and also this week, I worked on extending test cases. We got merged a few PRs for the last week. As far as we have now 10 new test cases on board for the testing purposes of the 3x features. And all test workflows are stable and trustable.

Test cases and their current status:

RefApp 3.x E2E test dashboard

So wrapping up the things, we have to submit these reports.

  1. Video Presentation
  2. Final Blog Post
  3. Final Talk Thread
  4. Project Wiki page

Let's meet with the final blog post. And that's the update for the final week in the coding period. Thank you for reading!



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Pasindu Rupasinghe

Pasindu Rupasinghe

Undergraduate at University of Colombo School of Computing.