Week 10: GSoC 2022 with OpenMRS

Coding Period Week 10

Pasindu Rupasinghe
2 min readAug 22, 2022
Gsoc:2022 with OpenMRS

Hello Everyone.

Now we are in the tenth week of the coding period in Gsoc:2022. In the previous week, I started working on my last milestone which is extending test cases for 3.x E2E automated testing. At first, I had to document the new test cases. (Document: Link) And also we had to get fixed some issues that were related to the docker instance that we are using as the testing environment. You can read the past week’s blog post here. I’ll be sharing the experience of this week (week ten) in this blog post.

So this week our main goal was to get fixed the issues related to the docker instance. With the help of the O3 developer team members, we have fixed the issues. (Talk discussion). And next, I worked on adding a few new test scenarios for the 3.x E2E testing tool.

Those were:

  1. Logout test: Pr
  2. Form management: Pr
  3. Patient condition: Pr
  4. Patient visit: Pr
  5. Care program: Pr
  6. Medications: Pr

Some of the test cases are passing without any error and those pull requests were merged. Also, some of them are still in the development process. In the coming week, those test cases will be get fixed and will be merged.

That’s about my experience in the tenth week of coding. Thank you for reading! See you in Week:11 Blog. :)



Pasindu Rupasinghe

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