Week 07: GSoC 2022 with OpenMRS

Coding Period Week 07

Pasindu Rupasinghe
2 min readAug 3, 2022


Gsoc:2022 with OpenMRS

Hello Everyone.

We are in the seventh week of the coding period in Gsoc:2022. In the previous week, I worked on implementing a feature in 3.x E2E testing tool to avoid data mutations in tests. In that case, I had to fix the issues related to connecting the database with MySQL and fix command errors that occur when making a database dump. You can read the past week’s blog post here. I’ll be sharing the experience of this week in this blog post.

This week we were working on fixing the remaining test scenarios in 3.X E2E testing tool. Those were,

  1. Vitals and triage test: pull
  2. User settings test: pull
  3. Clinical visit test (by joshua): pull

So the test scenarios were created by writing feature files and step definition files for the following test scenarios. And also to migrate the test result to the QA dashboard and run the test in Github actions we created Github workflows for the test scenarios as well. So for this each test we are using a component called patient charts in OpenMRS 3.X. With the localization of the testing environment we had to face some issues regarding the backend as well as in the front end components. In the test scenarios, we will need the patient chart component to run in the local instance. But for some reason, the UIs are loading forever.

So I started a discussion on talk to get clarify the issue and request help from the OpenMRS community.

This is the talk thread that I started the discussion on:

Once the Ui issue gets fixed we can see whole existing tests are passing on the QA dashboard.

We also had our project’s mid-term evaluation this week. And I have passed the mid-term evaluation. I appreciate the support from my mentors and the OpenMRS community for helping me to get this project to a successful level.

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Thank you for reading! See you in Week:8 Blog. :)



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